Administrator Training (CiviCon London 2014) - 23rd/24th September 2014

A comprehensive two day hands on training course covering the configuration, administration, and every-day use of CiviCRM.

The course will take place on the 23rd and 24th of September, just before the CiviCON London 2014 conference

The course is aimed at administrators and users from organisations that are either using CiviCRM or are interested in evaluating it. It is also of use to implementors and developers who need a complete understanding of CiviCRM’s "out of the box" features and configuration options.

Topic areas will include:

- Introduction to CiviCRM - what does it do and how can it help your organisation
- Installation and configuration - making CiviCRM work for you
- Custom data and profiles - extending CiviCRM to meet your data requirements
- CiviCRM components - including events, mail, member, contribute, case, report and more
- Website integration - the how and why of making CiviCRM work with Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress
- Support and the CiviCRM community - what happens after this training and how to access resources?

The course costs £400 for the two days

To register please see